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Top quality services and affordable prices make us the most desirable place for women and men to get their hair cut in Midtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. What's most unique about a person isn't always obvious. The Extraordinary can be hidden from view. In our eyes, an unapologetic picky taste is a good trait to have. It forces you to seek authenticity in every part of your life, which tends to lead to some interesting discoveries. To us, there is nothing more interesting and authentic than a custom designed style: it is rich with some of the most inspiring and badass aesthetics on this planet.

  NEWS UPDATE:Coronavirus (COVID-19)

                               CLOSURE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 3/23/2020                                                                        


Style Labb Patrons,

The health, safety and comfort of our customers and our employees will always be our highest priority at Style Labb which is why we have made the decision to cease operations in an effort to prevent the unnecessary spread of the virus.
Our team is monitoring and assessing the evolving situation around the COVID-19 virus in real-time, and we are taking extra precautions. We hope to return to the salon soon. 

Additional, basic hygiene practices followed by our salons includes:

  • Wiping down surfaces on our salon shampoo/styling chairs, with our Barbicide/disinfectant wipes after each service performed

  • Regularly and thoroughly cleaning of hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or washing with soap and water

  • Coughing or sneezing into an elbow or a tissue (discarding tissue immediately)

  • Avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth

We would ask that if you are feeling under the weather, or are recovering from any contagious sickness that you please reschedule your appointment. We have clients of all ages, so it is of paramount importance that you monitor yourself to help keep Style Labb a germ free environment.

Rest assured that we will continue to closely monitor this situation, adapting and responding to new and relevant information as it becomes available. In the meantime, we would welcome having dialogue with or receiving questions from you, so please reach out to any member of our Team.

For all other client questions, or appointment changes or bookings, PLEASE EMAIL US as we currently do not have full time reception to answer the phones. We are prompt at answering emails!

Thank you for your understanding. Please know that you are ALL very important to us.


Style Labb Owner.

Discover the endless possibilities to express your personal flair and beauty.


1600 Lena Street Suite D-4

Santa Fe, NM 87505




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